Meeting the needs of people who produce and provide health information (London) - Fri 15 May 2015

Join us for this practical and interactive one day event to explore the needs of health information producers and providers.

Our aim at the Patient Information Forum is to deliver services that meet the needs of people who are working in health information and support, so that we can offer the most appropriate services to you, and ultimately improve the experience and outcomes for patients.

This event will explore the key challenges you face in your work, and what PiF could do to better support you in your role.

The provisional agenda will cover:

Session 1: An interactive discussion to look at the challenges you face in the health  information arena - This session will explore the key challenges you face in your work currently, and look at how things will change in the future, and what PiF and other organisations might be able to do to support you and help find solutions.

Session 2: A quick fire session looking at how people define information - Information can mean different things to different people.  Is it printed leaflets, hospital signage, a website, data?  The possibilities are endless, and sometimes confusing!  We will look at how information can be defined so that it can be championed as a valuable and worthwhile part of the patient experience.

Session 3: A focussed activity to examine what needs to happen to help professionalise the health information workforce - This session will look at how we can promote health information in the workplace, and in the wider environment to make information and support a valued and recognised therapy and skill.

Session 4: A practical exercise to identify the key components of accredited training for  people who produce and provide health information - We will examine the requirements for the principles of producing and providing health information, and look at what modular training could be offered for novice, intermediate and expert levels.  Discussion will also take place on the types of people who may benefit from accredited training in health information e.g. medical students as well as patient information managers.

You can download the full agenda here.  The event is free to attend for PiF members, and £50+VAT for non-members, but there are only 25 places available - so register today!

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We hope you can join us!



We are sorry but registration for this event is now closed.

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