Creating health information that really works - Mon 17 March 2014 (London)

This event took place on 17 March. 45 people attended from across the NHS, voluntary and commercial sectors, and discussed the fundamental components of creating health information that really works, and practical ideas for how we can work to make this consistently happen.

A report summarising the key discussions and finding from the event is available to  read below. For more information about this project click here.

 Creating health information that works: report from London event



Ever wished there was clear expert guidance on creating great health information for your users?

Do you have experience of producing information that really struck a chord with patients or users? What does ‘good’ look like for you and how do you achieve great resources? What do you struggle with when developing health information? And how have you overcome these challenges? Have you ever faced a challenge in health information, and wanted to see what others do?

If these questions are relevant to you and you want to share your experience, as well as gain new ideas and contacts, then come to our Open Space event on 17 March in London.

Why these events?
We all want to create the best information we can; information that makes a real difference to the people who use it. There is a growing need to understand ‘what good looks like’ and how to produce it consistently. Information producers themselves see a need for practical guidance to help producers and providers, no matter their level of expertise, to improve the materials they produce.

One of the best ways to do that is to learn from what others are doing; see what works and what doesn’t and be able to see clearly what ‘good’ looks like. To do that we need the right tools.

From these events we aim to produce practical material to achieve consistent standards for the best results. All the ideas produced at the events will be pooled and developed into a coherent framework at a follow-up event later in the year.

Why come?
These events give you a fantastic opportunity to have your say, to raise the issues that you find challenging and to work with others to create some experience based tools that show the best of what health information producers can offer.  And just to be clear, these tools are about the end product, not the process, to ensure we have engaging, usable, effective resources for the public to use.

By joining together with other experts in health information (and yes, you’re all experts), and by sharing what you have learned, you can contribute to the UK’s first practical, producer-led guidance and best practice on creating great health information resources. Sounds good doesn’t it?

Join us, make yourself heard, make a difference.

What’s Open Space?
It’s a method used all around the world to hold better, more productive meetings. There will not be any speakers; the people who come will set the agenda for themselves.  People who expect a highly managed, carefully controlled day may find the format unusual.  To get the most from Open Space you need to be there at the start and stay till the end! Dropping in simply does not work.

Most of the time will be spent in flexible small groups, where discussion will focus on the topics people suggest and material they’ve brought. Everyone there will participate in prioritising ideas from all the discussions and every participant will get a report of the whole day’s work. This will be the starting point at the follow-up event. The day will be led by Sheila Marsh, an experienced Open Space Practitioner.


We are sorry but registration for this event is now closed.

Please contact us if you would like to know if spaces are still available.