• 28Jan

    PIF survey: Help PIF evaluate the impact of patient information

    The Patient Information Forum is carrying out a research project on evaluating the impact of patient information. The project has two arms, a literature review and a survey. We would like to know how you measure the impact of the information you provide and what you measure.

    We would be grateful if you could complete the survey by 5pm on 11 February 2019. It should only take five minutes of your time.

    Impact means to have a marked effect or influence. For the purposes of this survey we have kept the definition wide. We are seeking information on a range of activities including measurement of web traffic, the gathering of feedback via surveys or other tools, and the use of metrics designed to measure change such as patient activation.

    Where you have measured impact, we would very much like you to provide examples of outcomes.

    The questions in the survey are based on responses from an earlier scoping survey. If you completed that survey we would like to hear from you again.  The results of this survey will complement a literature review and help us develop case studies.

    By taking part, you also have the chance to enter into a prize draw to win a £15 Amazon voucher.

    Please feel free to share the survey link with colleagues and within your networks.

    If you have any questions please contact sophie.randall@pifonline.org.uk

    Many thanks in advance.