PIF Sounding Board

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About the Sounding Board

The PIF Sounding Board is a service which gives you virtual access to consumer health information professionals, who can expertly comment on your resources.

External review and feedback is an invaluable part of improving the quality and accessibility of health information. The Sounding Board provides a convenient way for organisations to access comprehensive feedback from experienced individuals working in the health information sector.

If you are creating a new resource, or updating an existing one, the Sounding Board will provide you with high quality and comprehensive feedback on readability, content, format, user involvement and effectiveness.

PIF has established a carefully selected panel of health information professionals who can provide expert comment and feedback on your resources. Each Sounding Board Reviewer is a PIF member, with significant experience of creating high quality health information. They work in the NHS, charities, government agencies, professional associations, royal colleges and commercial organisations. Some also have particular expertise in areas such as managing information services, developing policy, health literacy, accessibility and design.

All Sounding Board Reviewers have completed an application process, including agreeing to PIF’s confidentiality statement.

How the Sounding Board works

The organisation/individual submitting the resource for review completes a review form, sharing background information about the resource and it’s development:

  1. The completed form along with a copy of the resource, or a weblink to the resource, is then emailed to PIF via sarah.greening@pifonline.org.uk
  2. PIF will then share the resource and form with 4 – 8 Sounding Board Reviewers.
  3. We will return the feedback and comments to you in a report within 20 working days.

More information including the form to complete when submitting a resource for review, can be found here:  PIF Sounding Board – Information for Users

If you have any questions please get in touch: sarah.greening@pifonline.org.uk

Sounding Board prices 

The price charged covers administration, and a standard fee paid to Sounding Board members. Fees are based on the size of the resource and the time it will take to review. All work is conducted virtually.

Length of resource PIF member rate* Non PIF member rate*
Up to 2,500 words £375 £475
Up to 5,000 words £650 £750
Up to 7,500 words £925 £1,025

*Prices quoted are without VAT

If your resource is longer than 7,500 words, or if you would like to discuss your specific requirements, please get in touch: sarah.greening@pifonline.org.uk

Joining the PIF Sounding Board as a Reviewer

If you would be interested in becoming a Reviewer for the PIF Sounding Board please see the information and application form here: PIF Sounding Board – Becoming a Reviewer

If you have any questions please get in touch: sarah.greening@pifonline.org.uk