This section explores some of the many ways you can evaluate the quality and reach of your information

Evaluating your materials and services is a vital element of providing high quality information. It is something you need to plan carefully before you even start work on developing a new resource or service.  Evaluation enables you to see whether the information is designed, written and disseminated in an effective way, helps you to review and improve what you offer and helps to show that you are meeting need.  Evaluation is also important for answering the ‘so what’ questions – so you gave your information to lots of people – so what? Did they use it or read it, if they did what did they do with it? Did it change their behaviour, improve their skills, confidence or understanding?

This section of the web site explores some of the many ways you can evaluate the quality and reach of your information; from readability tools and awards, to quality schemes such as the Information Standard and from user testing to the challenge of measuring the impact of what you do.

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