Best practice

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We all want to make sure that health information for patients, services users and the public is high quality, easy to access and easily understood.

But what are the key steps to follow in order to achieve this?

PIF has published the UK’s first producer led best practice for creating health information that works.

The PIF Best Practice is broken down into four sections:

During our journey to develop the best practice we spoke to over a hundred people about their work, conducted a review to identify the evidence on the key components of creating high quality health information, and worked with our membership to translate the findings into practical guidance to support your work.

You can read the PIF Best Practice guidance here: Best Practice Statements 2016

You can read the literature review, including the evidence our best practice is based on here: What does good health information look like

thumbnail logoTo support health information professionals and healthcare workers to put the best practice into action we have developed the PIF Toolkit.

This practical resource links to a wealth of tools and materials that exist to help people ensure the information they produce is high quality, easy to access and easily understandable.

It also brings together the evidence behind the best practice and practical case studies demonstrating how organisations have approached the best practice.

You can find more about the Toolkit at