• 16Mar

    PiF receives DH grant to raise the quality and increase the impact of health information for patients and the public

    We are delighted to announce that PiF has secured a grant from the Department of Health’s Innovation, Excellence and Strategic Development (IESD) fund. The grant is for £175,000 over three years and will see the development of a range of new resources, services and tools for PiF members and the wider consumer health information sector, aimed at improving the standard and reach of information for patients and the public.

    Health information for patients and the public is the foundation of patient centred services, shared decision making, self-management and choice. The project builds and strengthens people’s choice and control over their own care, by helping information producers to improve the standard and the impact of the information they provide. It does that by bringing together the key tools that producers need, setting national quality standards and enabling producers to share knowledge, expertise and best practice with each other to improve quality, productivity and efficiency. It focuses on improving quality and access for groups that are traditionally poorly served.

    Year one of the project had two key aims:

    To create a ‘one stop shop’ for consumer health information by redesigning, expanding and updating the PiF web site to:

    • Become a central resource for CHI professionals, containing information, standards, good practice examples and guides
    • Act as a portal for sharing best practice and expertise, including a mentor scheme, query service, online expert groups and a discussion facility
    • Streamline administration
    • Recruit new members and extend the reach of the organisation into the wider CHI community

    To build a robust case for the benefits of consumer health information by bringing together and documenting:

    • The current state of CHI provision in the UK
    • The benefits of providing high quality CHI to patients, healthcare professionals and the wider healthcare system.
    • The need for a coordinated and strategic approach to improving the standards and availability of CHI
    • The economics of information provision including any cost-benefit analyses
    • Gaps in evidence and areas where more work is needed

    Years two and three of the project focus on increasing PiF’s capacity to provide services and run events; the development of national standards for information resources; a comprehensive guide for information producers on developing high quality resources; the development of a good practice database and information aimed directly at patients and the public about how to find and use high quality information.

    Work on the project begins in April 2012, and we expect the new web site and Case for Information to be available at the end of the year. If you have any questions or comments about the grant please contact Sarah Smith at operations@pifonline.org.uk.