PiF Annual Conference 2015 – Interactive Shared Learning Zones

Brochure-FrontOur Interactive Shared Learning Zones on the following themes will enable you to discuss your questions and challenges and gain practical help and solutions.  Each zone will be hosted by individuals familiar with the topic area.  You can move between zones at anytime, or stay within one zone for the whole session.

Zone 1: Patients and the public – Discover more about patient involvement and user testing, so that the end user is at the heart of your design and messaging.

Zone 2: Reaching your audience – Examine how to reach your target audience and disseminate health information, including in rural areas and minority ethnic groups.

Zone 3: Health literacy – Explore what health literacy really means, including the complexities of communicating the risks and benefits of treatment options, and how it impacts on everyone’s ability to use health information.

Zone 4: Professionalising and supporting the health information workforce – Tell us what support you need to do a good job, what you think are the core competencies for a health information professional, and how a professional qualification could help you.

Zone 5: Valuing and promoting health information and the professionals who work in the sector – Consider how health information can be promoted and recognised as a valuable therapy in the patient journey, and how the role of health information professionals can be acknowledged and valued.

Zone 6: Producing health information on a budget – Discover how information is funded, how to go about costing your information and how to achieve results on a small budget.

Zone 7: Measuring the impact of information – Look at how to measure the impact of your information – from helplines to leaflets – so that you can build the evidence to show that information really makes a difference.

Zone 8: Digital information – Learn more about the digital aspects of information including how to make the transition from print publications to online, and how to use social media to your advantage.

Zone 9: Self-management and behaviour change – Find out how patients can self-manage their conditions and care, and examine how to facilitate behaviour change.