• 27Jul

    Person-centred care training framework for health and social care

    A Person-Centred Approaches Core Skills and Education Training Framework has been launched today that aims to articulate what it means to be person-centred and how to develop and support the workforce to work in this way.

    The new framework, commissioned by Health Education England (HEE), and developed in collaboration between Skills for Health, Skills for Care, HEE and health and social care experts, aims to support person-centred approaches for the health and social care workforce.

    It supports individuals to better manage their own health and wellbeing through bespoke care, planning and support. Where appropriate, the framework encourages shared decision making, outlining all reasonable options and ensuring that all information is personalised, accessible and useful.

    The value of a person-centred approach in health and care is increasingly recognised – much has been written about what it is and why it is important. However, it is less clear how to develop the workforce to put this into practice – which is the purpose of this framework.

    The main audience for this framework is likely to be people in organisations with some level of responsibility for development of the workforce (e.g. commissioning, planning or delivering education, training and learning).

    The authors hope that staff delivering services and people receiving support or care may also find this framework helpful in providing clarity about the desired behaviours expected in a person-centred approach.

    It contains the following sections:

    • Values
    • Core communication and relationship building skills
    • Step 1: Conversations to engage with people
    • Step 2: Conversations to enable and support people
    • Step 3: Conversations with people to collaboratively manage highest complexity and significant risk
    • Delivery of training, education and learning opportunities
    • Enablers for embedding a person-centred approach

    You can download the framework via the link below: