• 22May

    People Powered Health programme for people with long term conditions

    The People Powered Health programme from Nesta aims to transform care for those living with long term conditions. LTCs are placing an incredible strain on the NHS financially, as well as affecting people’s right to live fulfilling lives. People Powered Health is a radical solution to the problem that changes culture as well as transforming practice.

    The People Powered Health approach offers a vision for a health service in which:

    • The health and social care system mobilises people and recognises their assets – personal strengths and abilities as well as family, friends, communities and peer networks that can work alongside healthcare professionals and the community and voluntary sector to support patients to live well with long-term conditions.
    • The ability to live well with long-term conditions is powered by a redefined relationship, a partnership of equals between people and health care professionals. These relationships are trusting, purposeful and oriented to the needs of the individual and not the system.
    • The health and care system organises care around the patient in ways that blur the multiple boundaries within and between health, public health and social care; and with community and voluntary organisations; and the boundaries between formal and informal support.

    Nesta have produced a business case for the programme and a report which makes the case for changing the ways in which healthcare is organised, by showing how it can better combine the very best scientific and clinical knowledge with the expertise and commitment of patients themselves.