• 18Sep

    Patient records, digital health and NHS England

    Earlier this month, at the NHS Innovation Expo in Manchester, Jeremy Hunt challenged the NHS to make better use of technology.

    He pledged that by 2016 all patients should be able to access their own GP electronic record online in full, seeing not just a summary of their allergies and medication but blood test results, appointment records and medical histories. And that by 2018 this record will include information from all their health and care interactions.

    You can read his full comments here.

    Captive Health calls for more ambition from NHS England, and criticises Hunt’s goal of 15% as being weak. They highlight that the opportunities offered by digital engagement go far beyond simply enabling patients to access information.

    Salus Digital reports that following the Health Secretary’s speech the NHS is to begin launching mobile app trials that are being aimed at sufferers of diabetes and smokers. In addition, there will be apps for those suffering from anxiety and depression.

    Their article quotes a spokesperson for Department of Health’s Life Sciences outlining a ‘dedicated body’ that would be instituted to assess not only the apps themselves but the framework of endorsement which should encourage healthcare providers to start the recommendation of apps to their patients and the NHS.