• 18Oct

    Patient involvement in medical education

    IAPO, the International Alliance of Patient Organizations, have published an article that explores opportunities for patients to influence and contribute to the development of the knowledge, skills, attitudes, values and beliefs needed in the health care professionals of the future, to deliver patient centred healthcare systems.

    The article argues that poorly trained health staff is now a major bottleneck to the achievement of quality patient centred universal health coverage across the globe by 2030. Medical Education (ME) is a key route to address this.

    It highlights the growing recognition that that chronically ill patients, through having lived with their conditions for a long time, develop clinical insight and knowledge that a junior doctor treating them may not have. And argues for bringing this ‘expert by experience’ view point to field of medical education.

    It closes with action points for patient organisations and medical education institutions, including building relationships between these two sectors.

    You can read the full article on the IAPO website.