• 2Jan

    Patient groups and health campaigners asked for their views on the pharma industry

    For the 4th year, PatientView is asking health campaigners based in the UK to help compile the annual CORPORATE REPUTATION INDEX OF PHARMA. This study intends to determine how patient groups around the world perceive the pharmaceutical industry, with the aim of improving standards throughout the industry to levels that are satisfactory to patients. PatientView positions that the Index is taken seriously by the pharma industry as part of its efforts to become more patient-friendly. The study is paid for solely by PatientView, a UK-based research and publishing group that specialises in studying trends in the patient-advocacy movement, and which passes valuable information back to patient groups. All respondents to any PatientView study get a final copy of the resulting report. You can take part in the study by completing the survey here. The deadline for responses is 16 January 2014.