• 31Jan

    Patient education and self-management support for cardiac patients delivered through tablet devices

    A US study has found that tablet devices provided effective patient education and self-management support to older patients following cardiac surgery.

    Patients were provided with iPad tablets that delivered educational modules as part of a daily “to do” list in a plan of care. The tablet communicated wirelessly to a dashboard where data were aggregated and displayed for providers. The combination of mobile computing with a content management system allowed for dynamic, modular, personalized, and “just-in-time” education in a highly consumable format.

    149 patients with a mean age of 68 years used 5,267 of 6,295 (84%) of education modules delivered over a 5.3-day hospital stay. Increased age was not associated with decreased use. The study authors conclude that that age, hospitalization, and major surgery are not significant barriers to effective patient education if content is highly consumable and relevant to patients’ daily care experience. Also, that mobile technology, even if unfamiliar to many older patients, makes this possible.

    The full study can be read here.