• 17Mar

    Partnership working: public health and VCSE organisations

    A new publication by the Local Government Association (LGA) aims to share best practice and examples of how public health and VCSE (voluntary, community, social enterprise) organisations are working together to make a difference to people’s wellbeing.

    The case studies in this report show understanding between public health and the VCSE sector – a relationships of equals.

    The report concludes that to achieve this across the country, more work is needed for public health to understand the positive contribution that VCSE organisations bring to health and wellbeing. And that the VCSE sector may also benefit from a better understanding of public health, and how local government operates at a time of significant challenge.

    Case studies demonstrate approached to delivering integrated health and wellbeing services. A range of models are being used, often putting different emphasis on the extent to which services focus on behaviour change or on the social determinants of health.

    Several of the case studies are developing community-centred approaches, and the different community development models being used are outlined in the report.

    The full report can be read on the LGA website.