• 13Dec

    The overwhelming nature of patient feedback

    A report featured in the Patient Experience Library looks at the overwhelming nature of patient feedback.   It describes how hospital staff struggle with a mass of feedback from multiple sources.  They reported “feeling overwhelmed and fatigued by the volume and variety of data that the Trust collected”.

    Formal complaints are one of the sources of feedback – but the authors stated that “it was rare for complaints to be used as grounds for making improvements”.  The focus was on “the timeliness of response to complaints and on trying to reduce the volume of them rather than an understanding of what an effective response looked like”.  Part of the problem was that “staff did not have the required skills to be able to perform sophisticated analytic tasks on the data they received”.


    Sheard L, Peacock R, Marsh C, Lawton R. What’s the problem with patient experience feedback? A macro and micro understanding, based on findings from a three-site UK qualitative study. Health Expect. 2018;00:1–8. https://doi.org/10.1111/hex.12829