• 11Nov

    Online self-management support part of national payment scheme

    Medtech devices and apps will for the first time be included under NHS national payment rules helping to accelerate uptake, NHS England Chief Executive Simon Stevens has announced. The commitment to create a new Innovation and Technology Tariff was announced in June

    Following clinical review, the first six innovations have been selected as part of a new Innovation and Technology Tariff. The list includes:

    “Web based applications for the self-management of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease – Digital applications for the self-management of COPD can improve the quality of life for patients living with COPD. They give patients the ability to manage their condition by more effective use of their inhalers, support self care and complement face to face pulmonary rehabilitation programmes.”

    The new Innovation and Technology tariff removes the need for multiple local price negotiations, and instead guarantee automatic reimbursement when an approved innovation is used, while at the same time allowing NHS England to negotiate national ‘bulk buy’ price discounts on behalf of hospitals, GPs and patients.

    You can find out more about the Innovation and Technology Tariff on NHS England’s website.