• 5Jan

    NHS priorities in 2017 and the role of information

    The King’s Fund have published a blog identifying five main NHS and social care priorities for 2017.

    The provision of information support to patients and the public is highlighted in two of the priority areas:

    • New care models centred on the needs of patients

    The first priority focuses on the importance of changing the way care is provided to address our ageing population and the changing patterns of disease.

    The article highlights the importance of supporting this through offering people information to help them manage their medical conditions, and be involved in their health and care.

    It also talks about the need to engage the public in tackling the causes of ill health and supporting people to remain in good health for as long as possible.

    • Improving productivity and delivering better value

    The article raises that an important way of delivering better value is to act on evidence that medical care is sometimes used inappropriately.

    It highlights the role of programmes such as the Choosing Wisely initiative that seeks to engage patients in decision making and share information about the risks and benefits of treatment options.

    The full article can be read on the King’s Fund website.