• 20Jan

    NHS inform develops bereavement and easy read information

    NHS inform has developed a new ‘Easy Info Zone‘ for people with learning disabilities. The ‘Easy Info Zone’ has been developed in conjunction with the Scottish Consortium for Learning Disability (SCLD) to provide easy read accessible health information through the existing NHS inform channel. It was launched as part of SCLD’s conference in Glasgow. The ‘Easy Info Zone’ currently comprises 46 health related articles, all in easy read format, grouped into three categories:

    • Health Conditions
    • Wellbeing
    • Tests and Treatments

    The articles were developed after the SCLD carried out research to assess the health information needs of people with learning disabilities and the availability of accessible health information.

    For people who have been bereaved there is a myriad of legal and practical issues that need to be dealt with, in addition to the emotional impact of death which can sometimes be felt for many years to come. NHS inform now offers help and support to people experiencing these difficulties with a new ‘Bereavement Zone‘.

    The zone gives both practical advice and help with finding further sources of support to enable people to cope with the emotional aspects of grief. Developed in partnership with the Scottish Grief and Bereavement Hub it hosts links to a variety of resources The Convener of the Scottish Grief and Bereavement Hub John Birrell says: “The new Bereavement Zone is a useful online resource for people dealing with the aftermath of a loved ones death. We know that grief is very personal and people respond to it in very different ways but the Zone offers general advice and lots of signposting for further help.”