• 8May

    NHS England’s business plan commitments around patient information

    Putting Patients First is NHS England’s Business Plan for 2013/14 – 2015/16 and it contains a number of pledges on information:

    • By 2015 more people will have developed the knowledge and skills to manage their own health; everyone with long term conditions including those with mental health problems will be offered a personalised care plan; patients who could benefit will have the option to hold personalised budgets; information and advice about support will be available to carers
    • We are developing information, advocacy and support services to empower use of information as a means of managing health.
    • We will launch the Customer Services Platform, a public facing multi-channel and Information customer response service spanning health and social care, by November 2013.
    • 80% of CCGs will be commissioning to support patients’ participation and decisions over their own care or will have a plan to do so by December 2013. This includes information and support for self-management, personalised care planning and shared decision making within normal service planning and commissioning.
    • The Health Online Programme will improve the way in which people interact with health services, including online access to key elements of the care process. 100,000 citizens will be trained in basic online skills to boost health literacy by April 2014.
    • The re-launch of Choose and Book will make e-referrals available to patients and health professionals for all secondary care referrals by 2015.
    • Personalised budgets will provide a route for people to have more control over managing their health. Personal health budgets will be offered to those who would benefit by March 2015. 100% of CCGs will be able to deliver personal health budgets, including direct payments, for people receiving NHS Continuing Health Care by April 2014.
    • We will use the reported experience of people to assess whether they feel they are being supported to manage their conditions
    • We will improve online access to primary care. 50% of practices will offer the facility to order repeat prescriptions and to book  appointments by April 2014 with 100% achieving this by March 2015. 100% of practices will have the technical capability to allow people to access their records by April 2014 and 100% will be offering this option to patients by March 2015.
    • We will have a new NHS e-referrals service operational by December 2013 and 100% of referrals will be made electronically by March 2017.

    This plan builds on Everyone Counts: Planning for Patients 2013/14, their earlier planning guidance for commissioners which was published in December 2012.