• 14Mar

    NHS Commissioning Board launches library of NHS-reviewed phone apps

    The NHS Commissioning Board this week launched a library of NHS-reviewed health apps that will help people manage their health, as well as ten brand new apps for people to use. The new Health Apps Library so far contains around 70 apps that have been produced by a variety of organisations and then reviewed by the NHS to make sure they are clinically safe.

    The Health Apps Library is one of the initiatives that aims to help the NHS achieve this goal, by giving the public access to health services at the touch of a button.The library is available via the NHS Choices website.

    The apps will help people with tasks such as getting advice on their condition, booking repeat prescriptions, accessing test results, and finding the most appropriate NHS service.

    Tim Kelsey, National Director for Patients and Information at the NHS Commissioning Board, said:

    “Giving people easier access to their NHS and improving outcomes with technology is something we are strongly committed to. People now use phone apps in almost all walks of life and health is no different.

    “We want to put patients in control, giving people easy access to information will encourage patients and the public to participate in their care and the NHS in general. Transparency is key, transforming access to data in health and care is central to our vision of delivering a truly patient centred NHS.

    “There is somewhere in the region of 13,000 apps out there which profess to give various types of medical advice. The library is a way of giving an NHS stamp of approval to apps so users know they are safe.

    “The apps can do a variety of things. Some give patients, living with a long term condition, advice on how to stay well. Others give people access to their health records and the ability to share care plans online.”

    The first iteration of the library, and the 10 new apps, will be launched at the NHS Innovation Expo conference, which is being held on 13 and14 March 2013 in London. Delegates will be able to see the new apps for the first time in a special “Apps Zone”.