• 7Feb

    New throat cancer charity launches

    The Throat Cancer Foundation launched this week, dedicated to supporting all those who are affected by cancers of the throat. They offer information, support and community to all those who are affected: patients and their loved ones.

    The Throat Cancer Foundation (TCF) was founded in 2012 by Jamie Rae, a Scottish businessman and oropharyngeal cancer survivor. Jamie was concerned at the lack of resources and support available to people affected by cancers of the throat and set up the Foundation to address this problem. Jamie has recruited a team of leading cancer experts to guide and support their work.

    Information on the web site includes sections on what is throat cancer, types of cancer, risk factors and treatments. There are also support services, such as ask the expert, information about financial support and details of what care to expect and demand.

    In addition to supporting those currently affected by cancer, the Throat Cancer Foundation is working to reduce future cases of throat cancer. This includes funding research into prevention and cure, advocating healthier lifestyles and campaigning for universal HPV vaccination.