• 15Oct

    New study on the role of health information technology in self-management

    The University of Sussex is conducting a study to explore the role of information technology in supporting patients to manage their health and care. The project aims to respond to the following questions:

    1. What technologies are being designed and developed for patient use and what is their purpose?

    2. How are patients expected to use these technologies?

    3. What are patients’ views and experiences (current and projected) of health IT use?

    The principal investigator has asked PiF to share information about the study with our network and ask for expressions of interest from individuals and organisations who would be interested in contributing to the study through taking part in an interview with one of the researchers.

    The interview will not collect sensitive personal data and will last for about an hour. All the information collected during interviews will be kept strictly confidential. The research has been approved by the Social Sciences and Arts Cluster-based Research Ethics Committee (CREC).

    Your participation will further the researchers’ understanding of the issue, will shape the findings of the research, and provide a platform for your views to be heard and disseminated in wider fora both academic and non academic. Participation will also inform the reports and feedback that the researchers’ aim to provide back to policy makers and IT suppliers.

    This research is led and organised by the Principal Investigator, Dr. Dimitra Petrakaki (University of Sussex) and the Co-principal Investigator Prof. Jackie Cassell (Brighton &Sussex Medical School). The research study is funded by the Wellcome Trust (1048z4/Z/14/Z).

    If you are interested in participating please contact: d.petrakaki@sussex.ac.uk