• 19Jan

    New smart pills that monitor when drugs are taken and how much

    Smart pills containing a microchip that can monitor a patient’s medication and condition will be sold in Lloyds pharmacies later this year.

    The Helius system involves patients taking a sugar pill containing an “ingestible event marker” which can monitor when drugs are taken and how much. The pill helps monitor when patients with chronic illnesses such as diabetes and heart conditions have taken their medications, and also provides a range of other information on the patient, such as their sleep patterns and levels of physical activity. The tiny chip – about the size of a grain of sand – runs on an electric charge generated by a patient’s stomach acid and is detected through a disposable “receiver” patch on the skin. The monitoring data can then be transmitted to a smartphone or their doctor’s computer.

    The data obtained by the system is then combined to provide information to allow the patient, carer or family member to follow progress and collaborate on maintaining the patient’s health and enable them to remain independent in their own homes.

    Taken from EHealth insider:  www.ehi.co.uk/news/acute-care/7467/lloyds-to-offer-smart-pill-service