• 17Feb

    New report compares health systems and outcomes for UK nations

    A new report from the OECD has analysed health systems in the four nations of the UK, providing a useful comparison of their different structures and systems, and patient experiences and outcomes.

    It reviews the quality of health care in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, seeking to highlight best practices, and provides a series of targeted assessments and recommendations for further quality gains in health care.

    It explores why the UK does not consistently demonstrate strong performance on international benchmarks of healthcare quality, despite having prioritised quality assurance, monitoring and improvement work for many years.

    The paper discussed potential reasons for this as being:

    • The UK spends less on healthcare (as a share of GDP) than peers such as the Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, France and Canada, all of whom spend more than 10%.
    • Quality initiatives needing more time in place to yield results.
    • Quality initiatives not being optimally designed or implemented

    The report can be accessed here.