• 6Jun

    New publication: Health Literacy and Numeracy

    Health Literacy and Numeracy is an in-depth  summary of a workshop convened by The Institute of Medicine Roundtable on Health Literacy in July 2013 to discuss topics related to numeracy, including the effects of ill health on cognitive capacity, issues with communication of health information to the public, and communicating numeric information for decision making.

    This report includes a paper commissioned by the Roundtable, “Numeracy and the Affordable Care Act: Opportunities and Challenges,” that discusses research findings about people’s numeracy skill levels and considers:

    • What does research show about people’s numeracy skill levels?
    • What kind of numeracy skills are needed to choose treatments and understand medication instructions?
    • How should providers communicate with those with low numeracy skills?

    The publication covers:

    • Overview of numeracy
    • Numeracy Demands, Assumptions, and Challenges for Consumers
    • Numeracy Demands, Assumptions, and Challenges for Communicators
    • Strategies for effective communication

    For more information and to read the publication click here.