• 16Feb

    New patient resources about blood transfusions

    The Chief Medical Officer’s National Blood Transfusion Committee ‘Patient Involvement Working Group’, have developed new information for patients and the public on blood transfusions. The resources include:

    • Will I need a blood transfusion?
      Why you might need a blood transfusion, the risks and benefits and how will you feel during a blood transfusion
    • Information for patients needing irradiated blood
      Why is irradiated blood needed? Do all types of blood need to be irradiated? Does irradiation damage the blood?
    • Babies receiving a blood transfusion
      A guide for parents and guardians outlining what to expect if a baby needs a blood transfusion.

    The ‘Blood Transfusion’ section of the NHS Choices website, also gives an account of the blood transfusion process, including the benefits and risks of the procedure and a patient’s experience of blood transfusion. There are further links from within NHS Choices to other sources of information from organisations involved with blood transfusion, such as the British Blood Transfusion Society and the UK Transfusion Services.