• 6Apr

    New online tool for people with multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and epilepsy

    The London Neuroscience Clinical Network and Shift.ms have produced a self-management tool for people diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s and epilepsy.

    Called ‘Confidence College‘ it is an online tool helping to empower people with various neurological conditions. Confidence College provides information, and supports individuals to take more responsibility for their health and play an active role in managing their condition.

    Developed in collaboration with patients, carers and clinicians the focus is on taking action.  Each module helps educate, personalise and plan peoples’ care.  Modules include ‘Is it a relapse?’, ‘Bladder School’, ‘Live Well’, ‘Mind Matters’ and ‘Better Plans, Better Care’.

    We know that using the tool helps patients and their carers; they are left better informed and have more confidence to manage their conditions. It also helps people to have the right conversations with clinicians, as one patient said “I may have got Parkinson’s but Parkinson’s hasn’t got me”.

    Rather than showing someone the endless possibilities of what could happen, Confidence College encourages users to define what they know and to use that knowledge to live well with their condition.  The tool follows a step by step process: Understand, personalise and act.

    By preparing clinicians and people living with a condition to have better conversations, we hope we can support integrated care implementation wherever it is happening.