• 23Aug

    New online support site for people with Type 1 diabetes

    NHS England has worked with NHS Digital, Diabetes UK and people with diabetes to develop a new online resource aimed specifically at people with a new diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes.

    NHS England recognises that it can be hard for those newly diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes to know which websites to trust, so we’ve made it easier by collecting all the useful NHS-trusted links in one place. The new pages will help people with Type 1 diabetes to gain the knowledge and confidence to manage their condition. The site includes links to practical help on injecting insulin and checking blood glucose levels as well as useful advice around living with the condition. For example; how the disease may affect driving, going to university, exercise, sport and pregnancy. The site also includes links to psychological help and support.

    They are encouraging healthcare professionals to refer newly diagnosed patients, their parents and carers to the site as a one stop shop for Type 1 diabetes support.

    Read more here: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/type-1-diabetes/