• 14Aug

    New IBD standards to transform care

    IBD UK has updated the national IBD Standards outlining what high-quality care should look like at every point of a person’s journey.

    The partnership of 17 professional and patient organisations also launched the IBD Patient Survey and the IBD Benchmarking Tool earlier this year.

    IBD Standards is split into seven main sections – The IBD Service, Pre-diagnosis, Newly diagnosed, Flare management, Surgery, Inpatient Care and Ongoing Care & Monitoring.

    IBD Benchmarking Tool has been developed based on the IBD Standards, allowing healthcare professionals and, for the first time, patients to capture how well the service is doing against the same Standards. The tool follows the patient journey from referral through to ongoing care and long-term management.

    The IBD Patient Survey allows people to have their say on what their hospital is doing and how their care could be improved. It closes on 23 September 2019.