• 8Feb

    New educational videos show how e-discharge summaries can improve care

    The Professional Record Standards Body has produced a new series of short information videos to help raise awareness amongst health and care professionals of the importance of using and completing these e-discharge summaries.

    Timely information sharing using standardised e-discharge summaries can help by ensuring GPs and other community-based services have the right information in real time to provide good care at home.

    When primary and secondary care providers share the right information in digital discharge summaries, it helps professionals to improve continuity of care and safety – which can save lives. GPs have immediate information about which patients were hospitalised and why and most importantly when they were discharged and what follow up care they require. They can provide better on-going care, update patients on changes to their medication and complete follow up checks, all of which will help patients recover well and as a result reduce unnecessary re-admissions.

    These new educational videos have been published by the Professional Record Standards Body in collaboration with Luton & Dunstable University Hospital, NHS Foundation Trust, to highlight the benefits of sharing information via digital discharge summaries for both patients and professionals, and will be used in training. “We are seeing the benefits of digital information sharing through discharge summaries, and I am keen for all professionals to recognise their importance,” said Amran Qurban, head of GP Client Services, Luton & Dunstable University Hospital, NHS Foundation Trust. “I’m looking forward to making these videos part of our regular junior doctors’ induction programme and to feature them at education events within the Trust.”

    Links to these videos can be found below:

    How can discharge summaries benefit patients?


    How can discharge summaries benefit GPs?


    What are the challenges?