• 20Nov

    New edition of The King’s Fund Experience-based Co-design Toolkit

    The King’s Fund has launched the latest version of their Experience-based Co-design Toolkit.

    Experience-based co-design (EBCD) is an approach that enables staff and patients (or other service users) to co-design services and/or care pathways, together in partnership.

    The Toolkit includes step by step guidance and videos from people who’ve taken part in experience-based co-design projects. It incorporates learning and feedback from staff and patients involved in more than 60 EBCD projects, including an important adaptation, the accelerated form of EBCD.


    EBCD involves gathering experiences from patients and staff through in-depth interviewing, observations and group discussions, identifying key ‘touch points’ (emotionally significant points) and assigning positive or negative feelings. A short edited film is created from the patient interviews. This is shown to staff and patients, conveying in an impactful way how patients experience the service. Staff and patients are then brought together to explore the findings and to work in small groups to identify and implement activities that will improve the service or the care pathway.

    The approach was designed for and within the NHS to develop simple solutions that offer patients a better experience of treatment and care. The approach has already been used in a range of clinical services, including cancer, diabetes, drug and alcohol treatment, emergency services, genetics, inpatient units, intensive care, mental health, orthopaedics, palliative care and surgical units. Further projects are also planned in acute cardiac care, paediatric services and dementia services.

    Visit The King’s Fund to download the report and find out more.