• 6Apr

    New booklet for women diagnosed with cancer during pregnancy

    Being diagnosed with cancer during pregnancy is uncommon, but as more women have children later in life the incidence is increasing. The most common cancers diagnosed during pregnancy are breast cancer, melanoma, cervical cancer, lymphoma and acute leukaemia.

    Pregnancy and cancer are life-changing events, and women experiencing both together deal with distressing and complex factors. They have the anxiety of making decisions about the best treatment for their own health and maintaining the health of their unborn baby.

    Macmillan, in partnership with Mummy’s Star, has produced a booklet for women with cancer during pregnancy to provide support and information for women in this difficult situation. It explains emotional and practical issues they may experience, as well as treatments they may have. The booklet also features Polly’s story. Polly was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 12 weeks pregnant.

    You can order or download a free copy from https://be.macmillan.org.uk/be/s-864-cancer-and-pregnancy.aspx