• 14Nov

    Need for tailored health information highlighted in Men’s Health Manifesto

    In the UK, one man in five dies before he reaches 65. The Men’s Health Manifesto, launched by the Men’s Health Forum, sets out the changes needed to tackle the high rate of premature deaths in men, and highlights heart disease, cancer, obesity, diabetes, suicide and lifestyle as being key areas that need addressing.

    The Manifesto identifies the need to design targeted programmes around the needs and attitudes of the boys and men who are at highest risk, and expand the provision of tailored health awareness and health literacy programmes, especially amongst boys. Higher risk groups include:

    • Unemployed men
    • Men experiencing relationship breakdown
    • Men in the criminal justice system
    • BAME men – eg. prostate cancer,
    • GBT+ men
    • Male carers
    • Homeless men
    • Isolated older men
    • Young dads
    • Excluded boys

    The Manifesto includes evidence that men are twice as likely as women to have low health literacy, and calls for the increased development of male tailored health information and education, including condition specific information and symptom awareness.

    You can read and support the manifesto here.