What do our members think of PIF?


The content team at Versus Arthritis are huge fans of PIF, we think it’s brilliant. The events are so helpful and interesting, and having easy access to colleagues in similar teams at other health charities is invaluable. We all face the same challenges, and we can learn a lot from each other. Thank you for all you do! Keep up the great work!. (May 2019)

Paul Donovan – Senior Content Editor, Versus Arthritis


I found the event in June very inspiring and I took a lot of learnings away with me. As you know we are re-developing our info here at the BHF and started with our behaviour change info, now we are looking at the vast amount of content we have in other areas of support.

I had a think about your patient pathways and how I could use this more in our planning. So I put together an 8 step patient journey –symptoms, diagnosis, causes, treatment, life changes, condition changes, new diagnosis and end of life. We have begun mapping our content against these areas to see if we are truly supporting a patient throughout their whole journey and if we have gaps.

So our next step is to look at the areas we have gaps and work with patients to see what the BHF’s role can be in filling them. It’s a new way of doing things that has been really insightful. It has also helped us identify a big pool of resources that fall outside of this that we no longer need to be providing – again huge savings can be made.

Thanks for all your great events, we are getting a lot out of them here. (September 2018)

Amy Corkery – Editor, Patient Information, British Heart Foundation


The work you’re doing and the support and resources you offer are amazing, and I really value my membership. (September 2018)

Dr Knut Schroeder, Founder & Director, Expert Self Care Ltd; General Practitioner, Bristol; Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer, Centre for Academic Primary Care, University of Bristol



The information at this event has been invaluable in forming ideas on how we take the provision of patient information forward. (June 2018)

Attendee at Perfect Patient Information Journey event


84% of respondents in our 2017 PIF membership survey said they strongly agreed or agreed that they were satisfied with their PIF membership.

82% of respondents in our 2017 PIF membership survey said they strongly agreed or agreed that that PIF membership is good value for money.

89% of respondents in our 2017 PIF membership survey said they strongly agreed or agreed that they would recommend PIF membership to a friend.


I love the PIF forum and newsletter. It’s invaluable. (January 2018)

Karen O’Rourke, Patient Information Centre Manager – Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust


Thank you. It was a fantastic event. I was very much inspired. (October 2017)

Agi Hajnal – Clinical Librarian and Library Lead (Acting Up), Colchester Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust


I love getting my PIF newsletters – they are by far the most useful newsletters I receive from anywhere and there are always at least one or two things in each one that have been invaluable pieces of information for me! (April 2017)

Trishna Bharadia – MS campaigner and expert patient; Ambassador for MS Society UK and Sue Ryder


I continue to enjoy seeing and using the great resource PIF produces. You really are a wonderful organisation.(March 2017)

Benji Williams – Service Improvement & Development Manager, Public Health Wales


I’m very pleased to have discovered that PIF exists(January 2017)

Dr Stephen P Higgins – Consultant Physician, North Manchester General Hospital and Editor of Patient Information, British Association for Sexual Health and HIV (BASHH)


We are currently rebuilding our website and the experience I gained from attending the conference was invaluable for this venture.(July 2016)

Breige O’Kane – Hon Secretary, Lymphoedema Support NI


A big thank you to you and the team for all your hard work in putting yesterday’s annual conference together. It was a really great networking opportunity. It’s always good to hear how others are doing things and to be able to share some of your own lessons learnt.(July 2015)

Lauren Lakritz – Senior Editor, Lymphoma Association


The response (to my PiF Query) has been excellent. People have been really helpful. It’s a really great support network.(May 2015)

Alex Robertson – Patient Information Co-ordinator, University College London Hospital


Thanks for another great event last week – interesting, reassuring and inspiring stuff.(May 2015)

Sarah Panzetta – Patient Information Manager, South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust


PiF has already been an amazing resource, even though we only joined just a few weeks ago. I keep raving about it to everyone I speak to who is even slightly involved with patient information. It has already proven a valuable investment, not just for me but for my direct colleagues too.(Mar 2015)

Naomi Roberts – Patient Information Officer, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust


I joined and paid my £90.00 sub and it has been so worthwhile. The PiF event I attended was full of people who have much more knowledge and experience than I! I sat next to a man who has saved a hospital group in the north thousands of pounds in printing costs, and who has offered two free banners to put outside our local hospital which we have been requesting for a long time. So that meeting alone more than repaid my sub. The information PiF sends out is wonderful and it lets me know that I am not alone and I get fantastic insights on what others are doing in the same sorts of areas of communication and engagement. Then it’s a case of not re-inventing the wheel. If anyone’s looking for help and information and education, this is a great organisation.(Nov 2014)

Anne Milstead


I enjoyed the PiF Brighton event and was moved to write a blog about it. I found the focus and scale of the event together with the good use of locally-based speakers very productive.(Nov 2014)

Colin Adamson,Partner – The Millar Adamson Craig Partnership LLP


I am updating our Inclusive Communications policy and would like to include a section on Quality which I have adapted from your Quality Standards from Making the Case for Information. I have also included a link to the main publication in our Further Guidance section along with your report on health literacy for health information producers. Both publications have been extremely helpful to me in the revision of our policy. (Nov 2014)

Linsey Denholm, Publishing Manager – NHS Health Scotland


It was great to see the coverage for the liver disease profiles in last week’s PiF Aware newsletter. It’s brilliant to be able to promote such important information through a reputable source. (Oct 2014)

Sandy Forsyth, Patient Support and Information Manager – British Liver Trust


As an organisation PIF has developed so much over the past few years. From my point of view it is the leading organisation for people in roles such as mine (and the only downside is that your weekly emails make so much work for me – as I want to follow up on all the stories!) (Oct 2014)

Rona Eade, Epilepsy Information Manager – Epilepsy Society


I became a member of PiF not long after I started my current job as Patient Information Manager at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals and have found it invaluable. Initially my interest was in developing trust guidelines for patient information and the PIF website seemed a sensible place to start. Since then I’ve attended various conferences and events, contacted other members for advice and used on countless occasions the information they send out in their weekly bulletin.

On a personal note I’ve found PiF to be a great way to keep in touch with others doing the same job. Often the role of patient information manager can be an isolated one, so having the opportunity to ask advice of other PiF members is reassuring particularly when there are questions you may have which colleagues in your own trust can’t always answer. You can usually guarantee that the very thing you are struggling with, someone else has the answer to. So not only great for support but also a great way to save valuable time and resources by not re-inventing the wheel too. So I have to say it is probably the best value membership I have had, worth every penny!(2013)

Jo Evans, Patient Information Manager – Sheffield Teaching Hospitals


Membership has been useful when writing policies and guidelines to make sure that the Trust meets the standards set by the NHS Litigation Authority and to provide evidence of compliance against the Information Standard.(2013)

Katrina Glaister, Clinical Governance Facilitator – Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust


PiF provides a wealth of resources and expertise in one portal. The newsletter is invaluable and highlights a range of issues relating to information and news on relevant policy making. PiF’s value has been immense, and has helped equip me with an understanding and knowledge that has helped me in my role.

Lesley McShane, Library, Information & Knowledge Services Specialist – Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust


I got involved in PIF a long time ago, and when the opportunity to apply for the Advisory Group came along, I jumped at the chance. I find the role on the group stimulating – especially as the membership includes people from a range of sectors. PIF is great at keeping me informed about the policy issues that influence information – this has been exceptionally useful during a time of great change to our health system in England.

Kate Llewelyn, Head of Information Services – Arthritis Care


I’ve been a member of PiF for 2 years now and have found it to be of great value and benefit in my current role and also when I was at NHS Choices. It’s great for networking and the weekly industry update provides significant added value.

Colin MacKenzie, Contract Director – The Information Standard


PiF is a great organisation and a relevant, reliable resource for issues that affect my working practice. Unlike the gym membership… it’s one I won’t be giving up anytime soon!

Jane Archer, Cancer Care Centre Manager & Macmillan Patient Information Manager – York Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust 


I value being a part of PiF’s strong membership. PiF’s weekly email provides a valuable update on patient centric initiatives and is a fantastic source of information.  I make sure that I don’t miss PiF’s annual conferences because they are interesting and topical, and always have high profile speakers. I am proud to be a PiF member and a part of the PiF community.

Mikis Euripides, Policy and Patient Advocacy Manager – MSD