June 2013: Ted Davenport, Business Development Manager, RNS Publications

RNS Publications proudly provides free of charge and low cost printing solutions to Hospitals, Hospices and NHS Bodies throughout the UK. We have provided this service for over 21 years since 1992 and specialise in, but are not limited to the field of bereavement support.


I have worked at the company for the past nine years and have enjoyed working as part of a family organisation and learning how to work with the NHS and being able to listen to provide solutions. When I first started, I naively thought that “surely when you work with one Trust, that the model applied would work throughout the country” – I soon learned otherwise as whilst a National Health Service, how each Trust operates with patient information does vary throughout the organisation
In the main our work is provided at no cost to the NHS through the inclusion of agreed and sensitive sponsorship. Over the past few years, many Trusts have been telling us that their printing costs having been increasing from their existing suppliers and given that our work is of such a high quality, we were being asked more and more to provide low cost but high quality solutions in this regard.

One of our other leading products are the patient information bedside folders. These help to provide key information that supports a patient’s journey when staying in a Hospital, that has been written clearly and in a Non-Clinical fashion. We provide these either with or without sponsorship as some Trusts prefer to use these without any advertising in them.

Through taking the time to listen to each organisations requirements, it truly has helped to broaden the services we are able to provide. Most recently we have been commissioned to work on a project providing a high quality information pack that GP’s and health professionals can use when supporting the recently bereaved throughout the Lancashire and Cumbria counties. This has been printed, collated, packaged and hand delivered to over 700 organisations varying from GP’s, chemists, hospices and nursing homes in the region. Given the impact of this work, it has been really humbling to have received huge positive feedback already from these bodies. Furthermore in light of this work, we have recently overhauled and updated the Bereavement Services Association’s (BSA) website and are currently in process of working on a collaborative project with the Department of Health through Cruse and the BSA, which given our “paper roots” is exciting to embrace information through electronic platforms too. (www.bsauk.org‎)

Prior to my appointment, the company had subscribed to the PIF for many years as we had found it be assuring for our Trusts with whom we work in that we were part of a body that supported the values of quality patient information, however it has only been in the past few years that I have started to full enjoy the benefits of being part of PIF. Through attending the regional events and being able to learn of best practices that are delivered, coupled with the opportunities to network with fellow members I feel has added extra value for money to the subscription. Also, the e-newsletter a great way of learning about changes in the sector and helps to end of a week perfectly by catching up with the news.

Given the work that we provide, I am keen to continue to build upon our existing relationships and to make new ones this coming year and would ask that if you have any questions or would like to know how we could help you further then please do just call me on either 01253 832400 or email at td@rns.co.uk