• 14Jun

    Meet Mo

    Meet Mo. Mo is just like the rest of us.

    The ‘Meet Mo’ campaign has been produced to encourage people, who may be struggling with medicines, to seek help.

    The new Mo film is about supporting patients who’ve had a visit to hospital, where new medicines may be prescribed or where changes have been made to their medicines.

    Spending time away from home can be stressful; health care professionals take care of medicines during hospital stays, but returning home with different or more medication can be confusing.

    Pharmacists can help advise on what medicines are for and how to take them and when. Pharmacists work with the hospital and GPs to make sure Mo stays well.

    The message is: If you go to hospital and have any questions about your medicines, help is available – ask your local pharmacist.

    The first Mo video was produced to encourage patients who take several types of medicine to book a review with their local pharmacist. This is because, over time, people who take many different types of medicines for different reasons can find their treatments sometimes do not work well together.

    A medicines review can help prevent trips to the GP or even hospital, and most importantly, help people feel better. A local pharmacist is a good place to have this conversation.

    The benefits of a medicines review can help everyone: less pressure on GPs and hospital services, fewer medicines prescribed, and, overall, help patients feel better and manage their health.

    As part of Wessex AHSN ‘s Polypharmacy work, along with NHS Creative they have developed videos for patients to raise awareness of potential issues with medicines and where to seek support.

    Read more and watch the videos here: http://wessexahsn.org.uk/projects/171/meet-mo