• 12Apr

    Marie Curie launches new video: What to expect at the end of life

    In the film Marie Curie Nurse, Maria, describes the common changes that people might notice in someone’s last weeks, days and hours of life. Peter, Shital and Tracey also talk about their personal experiences of looking after their loved ones during this time.

    The film is primarily aimed at family and friends of someone who is dying. It’s designed to complement the Marie Curie website content on this topic.

    The film explains the common changes that people may experience towards the end of life. We know that death and dying is a taboo subject – people may find it difficult to ask questions about what to expect and be scared about what might happen. We hope that by learning about these changes, it will make the future seem less frightening and make people feel more prepared and better able to cope.

    The video format should help people who may find it difficult to understand lots of written content or find it hard to comprehend at a difficult time. We also hope that by having an expert talk about this topic as well as people with real personal experiences, people will feel better informed and reassured.

    The film was produced by Marie Curie’s in-house editorial team working with an external film company. We worked with healthcare professionals and people personally affected by terminal illness to develop the film. We based the content on up-to-date evidence and research about what happens towards the end of someone’s life.

    Link to film on YouTube:

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