• 17Mar

    Map published of 44 ‘partnership’ areas for improving healthcare

    National health and care bodies in England have published details of the 44 regional areas that will bring local health and care leaders, organisations and communities together to develop local blueprints, ‘sustainability and transformation plans’ for improved health, care and finances over the next five years.

    They have also announced the senior leaders who will be leading this work have also been, with broadly equal representation from clinical commissioning groups and from hospitals and other providers of care, as well as some key figures from local authorities, recognising the need for local systems to work in partnership.

    You can read more on the NHS England website here.

    Don Redding, Director of Policy at National Voices has published a blog with important suggestions to ensure the original goal of the NHS leadership — for better engagement of people and communities — is achieved through this initiative.

    He the ‘catch 22’ that is currently being faced in that these local areas are now drafting plans to engage their patients and communities ‘against a timetable so short that it is simply impossible to engage their patients and communities in the plans’.

    You can read the blog here.