• 16Dec

    Making health care better: the high-need patient’s perspective

    The Commonwealth Fund and Healthwise have shared 44 interviews with US patients with multiple long term conditions, disabilities and frail older people. The interviews aim to provide first-hand insights into how aspects of the health system and a person’s life affect their health care experiences.

    Common themes included the struggle to find adequate support for non-medical needs such as nutrition or transportation assistance.

    Those who reported they had social support often relied on family members as their caregivers. But even patients with family caregivers experienced significant gaps in their care.

    Many patients also said that issues such as their relationship with their provider and a lack of integration between their sources of care, were at least as challenging to manage—and sometimes more so—than their medical conditions.

    The project has developed “personas” for three key segments of the high-need population:

    • Individuals with at least three major chronic conditions
    • Individuals under 65 living with a disability
    • Frail elders, over 65 with functional limitations

    You can view the personas and read more about the project on the Commonwealth Fund website.