• 11Nov

    Making the business case for early cancer detection

    Public Health England (PH) has published a new health economics tool for CCGs to raise awareness of the benefits of, and estimate the costs associated with, improving outcomes in colorectal (bowel) cancer, to make the business case for appropriate investment to improve early detection.

    The tool aims to make the business case for investment and projects to improve early detection, and help local commissioners to answer:

    • How is my Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) performing today?
    • What is the health gain associated with earlier bowel cancer intervention?
    • What is the economic impact associated with earlier bowel cancer intervention?

    The tool uses the CCG’s own data to estimate the benefits (in terms of fewer late presentations) that could accrue over time from diagnosing people earlier.

    Beating Bowel Cancer in the North West have launched a project to support earlier detection in the region through increasing rates of participation in the national screening programme.

    Beating Bowel Cancer volunteers will work alongside GP practice staff in their surgery, providing the resources needed to phone and send out letters to people who are aged 60-74 and have not yet completed their screening test.

    They will be looking to have a non-pressured conversation regarding the screening programme, the importance of completing the test and the process involved. They will then encourage the individual to call the Screening Hub and reorder their screening kit.