• 3Jan

    Macmillan resources for people in work


    Each year more than 100,000 people of working age are diagnosed with cancer. This can have a huge impact on their working lives. It can also affect carers, colleagues and managers.

    Macmillan Cancer Support produces a range of information resources to help anyone affected by cancer manage work-related issues. This includes information for carers and employers, as well as for people living with cancer.

    All of these resources are available as printed booklets, and as online information on the Macmillan website. Visit macmillan.org.uk/work to read any of the information mentioned below online or be.macmillan.org.uk/work to order hard copies.

    Resources for people affected by cancer

    The following booklets are mainly for people living with cancer, but they may also be useful for other people affected by cancer:

    • Work and cancer: a guide for people living with cancer
    • Work it out: essential questions to ask about work and cancer
    • Self-employment and cancer

    These resources are for carers:

    • Working while caring for someone with cancer: a guide for carers
    • Work it out for carers: essential questions to ask about work and cancer

    People living with cancer and carers may both find it useful to read Your rights at work. This is a booklet for anyone affected by cancer who would like to know more about their rights in the workplace.

    Macmillan produces these resources for employers or line managers:

    • Cancer in the workplace: a DVD to help employers manage people affected by cancer at work
    • Managing cancer in the workplace: an employer’s guide to supporting staff affected by cancer
    • Top 10 tips for line managers

    The essential work and cancer toolkit
    All of the resources listed above (except Your rights at work when you’re affected by cancer and Self-employment and cancer) are included in The essential work and cancer toolkit. This is a toolkit for employers. If anyone in their organisation is affected by cancer, the toolkit provides guidance and practical tips for the employer and their employees, every step of the way.