• 6Jul

    We are looking for PIF members to join our Sounding Board

    The PIF Sounding Board is a sense checking and peer review service for organisations that produce health information for patients and the public.

    The Sounding Board offers organisations involved in the production of health information virtual access to health information professionals, who can expertly comment on their resources, for example commenting on a draft leaflet, booklet or website pages.

    Role of a Sounding Board Reviewer

    The role of a Sounding Board Reviewer is to determine if a resource is effective, relevant and meets the needs of end-users. Sounding Board Reviewers provide a health information professional’s perspective, using their experience and expertise.

    Sounding Board Reviewers must meet the following criteria:

    • Be a current member of the Patient Information Forum
    • Have at least three years direct experience of producing or providing health information for patients and the public or have significant expertise in a related area.
    • Commit to completing the work by the given deadline (negotiable on each individual piece of work).
    • Agree to take part by the method stipulated (see below)
    • Be constructive and solutions-focused in reviewing and providing feedback
    • Remove yourself from any work where there is a conflict of interest, vested interest or formal links to the client organisation.
    • Keep all information about the client and product/service/activity confidential

    You can find out more about the role of a Sounding Board Reviewer, criteria for joining, and an application form here:
    PIF Sounding Board-Becoming a Reviewer-Role Description and Application Form-June 2018

     If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact: sarah.greening@pifonline.org.uk