• 28Oct

    Leaflets improve parental knowledge about medicines

    A study in Switzerland, published in the European Journal of Hospital Pharmacy, has explored the impact of drug leaflets on parental understanding at the point of a child’s discharge from hospital. It aimed to compare parental correct knowledge of treatment with and without supply of customised drug information leaflets for the 10 most commonly prescribed drugs.

    The study’s intervention was supplying the customised drug information leaflet to parents along with brief comment on focusing on specific information not available in official drugs information documents.

    Participants were French speaking parents of children between 0-16 years discharged from the emergency department of Geneva University Hospital.

    Participants were followed up with semi-structured phone interview within 72 hours after discharge to evaluate the percentage of parents with correct knowledge of dose, frequency, duration and indication of drugs.

    125 patients were included in the study. Drug information leaflets were given to 63/69 emergency department patients (91%), covering 96/138 prescribed drugs.

    Parental knowledge was significantly improved in the following areas:

    Dose: 62.3% to 89.1%

    Frequency: 57.9% to 85.5%

    Duration: 34.2% to 66.7%

    Indication: 70.2% to 94.9

    The provision of the tailored drug leaflet and collection of drugs at usual pharmacy were significant factors associated with correct knowledge.

    The study concludes that Drug information leaflets significantly improved treatment knowledge of French-speaking parents after paediatric ED discharge. Leaflets are now available online for general population.

    You can access the study here (subscription required).

    Eur J Hosp Pharm doi:10.1136/ejhpharm-2015-000776

    Drug information leaflets improve parental knowledge of their child’s treatment at paediatric emergency department discharge

    L Z Kaestli, S Noble, C Combescure, L Lacroix, A Galetto, A Gervaix, C Fonzo-Christe, P Bonnabry