• 11May

    Latest data on charities and volunteering from NCVO

    You can get the latest data on charities and volunteering from The National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO).

    NCVO is the largest membership body for the voluntary sector in England, supporting voluntary organisations (as well as social enterprises and CICs), from large national bodies to community groups working at a local level. NCVO believes its members and those with a stake in civil society need the best quality evidence base to help them inform policy and practice and plan for the future.

    The Almanac is an online publication which combines data from charities’ accounts, administrative data and surveys to map the structure and economy of the UK voluntary sector.

    There are lots of possible applications – you could use it…

    …to inform your strategy writing
    …to help with your financial planning
    …to benchmark your organisation
    …for staff training or board presentations
    …to adapt your campaigns or policy work

    You can find the full details here: https://data.ncvo.org.uk/almanac18/