• 27Aug

    ‘Largest-ever’ diabetes awareness campaign to urge high-risk patients to visit their GP

    This autumn, Diabetes UK will be launching the biggest-ever awareness campaign about Type 2 diabetes. Watch out for the advertising, which kicks off on Monday 23 September.

    Research says that the general public struggle to identify all of the factors that put someone at risk of Type 2 diabetes – in particular being over 40, having a large waist and being black or South Asian. That’s why the campaign aims to raise awareness of the risk factors of Type 2 diabetes. It also aims:

    • To enable people who are at risk to understand their personal risk of developing the condition
    • To encourage people in at-risk groups to check their risk of Type 2 diabetes, and to provide information on what they should do next, depending on their risk level.
    • The campaign will urge people to check their risk online or by visiting a Tesco pharmacy, or other pharmacy. It will also encourage them to go to their GP if they have concerns about Type 2 diabetes.

    The campaign will run for two weeks from Monday 23 September 2013, and will be visible across the UK through outdoor, digital and radio advertising, and in Tesco stores. It has been made possible thanks to a National Charity Partnership with Tesco. Diabetes UK will be targeting people who are at risk of Type 2 diabetes. They are carefully targeting areas where there are large populations of people at high risk of the condition, so the campaign reaches the people it needs to.