• 20Jan

    The language of self care

    Chief Nursing Officer for England, Professor Jane Cummings discusses, in a blog on the NHS England website, a series of workshops that have explored the language of self-care with people with lived experience.

    As part of the workshops, they asked people to identify terms used about self care that were misleading or inaccurate, and to offer more appropriate suggestions.

    People with lived experience told the workshops that simply saying ‘self care’ creates a real sense of isolation – that they are being left on their own to look after themselves.

    In response NHS England have titled their new programme ‘Supported Self Care’. Through this programme, they will be aiming to create a nation of supported self-managers, enabling people to be much more confident in managing their health and wellbeing.

    ‘Patient activation’ is another phrase that people identified as being problematic. Some people felt that the term implies that they are passive recipients of care who need to be ‘activated’.

    You can read the full blog on the NHS England website, and find further information on the Supported Self Care programme.