• 6Sep

    Joined-up listening: integrated care and patient insight

    In this article The King’s Fund articulates the opportunity that integrated care presents for using insight from people and populations to design services that meet their needs and reflect their priorities. This includes breaking down siloes within and between organisations to listen to what patients are saying across their entire pathway of care.

    The insight we can get from patients, users and the public – from engagement, participation and involvement activities, feedback and surveys or through simply listening and observing – should be central to the business of the health and care system.

    An organisation informed by intelligence from its users can:

    • use insight to improve the quality of services
    • design better services and pathways based on users’ experiences and expertise
    • plan services around the population and people’s health and care needs
    • understand its populations and the place health plays in their everyday lives.

    The NHS’s move towards integrated care systems offers an excellent opportunity for local areas to use insight and feedback from patients and users and to co-ordinate that feedback across pathways of care.

    As part of their project on integrated care and patient insight and feedback, they have been learning from interviews, roundtables and direct work with six local areas how to understand the full potential of patient insight within integrated systems. They are supporting six sites in an ongoing project that seeks to learn how the points raised in this article can be addressed.

    In this article, The King’s Fund share what they have learnt so far, explore some of the current challenges for gathering insight from patients, users and the wider community, consider where we can get to and how integrated care systems can drive this.

    Find the full article here: https://www.kingsfund.org.uk/publications/joined-up-listening-integrated-care-and-patient-insight