• 10Sep

    Job advert: Medical Copywriter, Ctrl Group

    Post title: Medical Copywriter
    Location: London

    Ctrl Group, a healthcare consultancy firm, is looking for a freelance Medical Copywriter to join their team of designers, developers and researchers in London and enhance the communication of their products with patients and clinicians.

    Ctrl Group builds products that make the experience of participating in medical research simple and transparent. When more people are included in research and richer data can be gathered, then it becomes possible to improve the way healthcare works for everyone.

    Ctrl Group is looking for someone who:

    • Has experience creating engaging content that can meet the needs of patients and clinicians.
    • Can draw on the expertise found in evidenced-based research and translate it into patient-facing communication.
    • Has experience writing about mental and behavioural health in particular.
    • Has an interest in writing for a variety of platforms such as mobile apps, the web and voice.
    • Has an interest in writing different types of content such as prose, conversation and product messaging.
    • Enjoys the challenge of combining good writing and good science.
    • Has a strong interest in the role of technology to improve medical research and healthcare.
    • Enjoys working in small mixed teams, in close collaboration with engineers, designers, illustrators researchers and medical scientists.

    While they are hiring a freelancer in the first instance, they would happy to discuss the potential to join their team over the longer term.

    For more details and how to apply: https://www.ctrl-group.com/jobs/copywriter/