• 5Dec

    Jargon-free introductory film that explains how data is used in healthcare

    The ALLIANCE has launched Scotland’s first jargon-free introductory film that explains how data is used in healthcare.

    Data is a vital resource.  Through technology, it’s being increasingly shared and used (securely) by the healthcare professionals that support us, to improve wider NHS/care services and to do research.
    While the data responsibilities of healthcare organisations are really important, equal attention should be given to the people’s perspective.

    We, as individuals, should be made aware of and understand how our data is used. Being more informed can help us to have a constructive dialogue and assist our decision-making (for any consent options) on how our data is used.

    We need better explanation to support better understanding. We must move away from terminology and adopt much more accessible language when we discuss data and deploy a range of tools so people can participate. And that’s exactly why we created this free, lay video which we would really like others to use.